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    I have always had a strong appreciation for juxtaposition; be it between environments, people, and, of course, style, there’s something about the harmonious combination of two things that are complete opposites that’s inspiring. A perfect example (and on of my favorite things ever) is the oasis of windmills spanning over acres, and acres of the Palm Springs desert. Its something so out of place and ironic that its captivating.

    Equally ironic is my current obsession of mixing garments with sporty undertones with more tailored pieces. Here I’ve styled this long-length bomber jacket and a not-so-understated tucked in Adidas logo tee with cropped trousers. The  slight nod to a sartorial aesthetic juxtaposed with  with the obvious athletic details makes for a contemporary take on both worlds.

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    Double Denim



    I’m no stranger to wearing black. I am, however, not much for double denim. Make that an all black denim look, though, and I’m all in. This particular stretch denim from Topman has become a weekly go-to. Not only is it easy to wear either together but the jeans and jacket are easy to mix and match with other garments.

    These jeans in particular are in a standard fit, which I’m surprised I like so much; mainly because I’m more partial to slim fit or skinny silhouettes. I took scissors to them though (sorry Topman) to alter the design a bit, giving them a more distressed look with a blow-out knee detail.  I  broke up all the denim with a few basic essentials like a mock-neck tee, long linen blend coat (perfect for the not-so-cold L.A. winter), and a pair of chunky monk-strap shoes.

    IMG_4659 IMG_4491 IMG_4486A IMG_4665 IMG_4680 IMG_4571 IMG_4530A

    Jump Start


    IMG_6100 copy

    I try to make it a point to escape the chaotic-ness that can be L.A. and go to the nearby desert of Palm Springs. Not only is it close enough to be able to take a road trip out there, its also far enough to make you feel like you’ve left the city and walked into an oasis full of mid-century modern architecture and simple desert landscaping.

    In addition to the visual splendor and overall zen vibe the area, the weather is perfectly warm. So, I took advantage of it and made it a point to wear this jumpsuit that I cropped myself into shorts. The loose and simple silhouette with minimal sporty details have a slight athletic look that I really like. Clean white sneakers, and a perfecto-style bomber jacket play up the sporty feel while keeping things clean.

    To say the least the few days that I spent out there was the perfect jump start to the year. I’m definitely starting things off rested, revitalized, and energetically rejuvenated.

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