• Jump Start


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    I try to make it a point to escape the chaotic-ness that can be L.A. and go to the nearby desert of Palm Springs. Not only is it close enough to be able to take a road trip out there, its also far enough to make you feel like you’ve left the city and walked into an oasis full of mid-century modern architecture and simple desert landscaping.

    In addition to the visual splendor and overall zen vibe the area, the weather is perfectly warm. So, I took advantage of it and made it a point to wear this jumpsuit that I cropped myself into shorts. The loose and simple silhouette with minimal sporty details have a slight athletic look that I really like. Clean white sneakers, and a perfecto-style bomber jacket play up the sporty feel while keeping things clean.

    To say the least the few days that I spent out there was the perfect jump start to the year. I’m definitely starting things off rested, revitalized, and energetically rejuvenated.

    IMG_6107 IMG_6062 IMG_6119 IMG_5907 IMG_5869C IMG_6090

    Zara Jump Suit | Zara Bomber Jacket | Stan Smith Adidas | Spitfire Sunglasses

    On Track


    I’ve had quite a busy schedule since I’ve been back in the U.S. from my trip to Europe, which included a two week trip to NYC and then back to California again. It’s been so hectic, in fact, that I haven’t even had time to post anything from any of those experinces. Needless to say, its time to get back on track.

    Even though I was mostly traveling for work, I managed to squeeze in some fun time. In between 14-hour work days and running after trains, my partner in crime, Cristina, and I we were able to catch some shots of our adventures.  This day in particular we were ironically wearing virtually identical outfits: biker jackets, oversized silhouettes, Ray-Ban Clubmaster shades, and killer kicks.

    Anyway, I just wanted to make this short but sweet. Here’s to hoping to more post and more fashion. ‘Till next time!

    IMG_9650A IMG_9628A IMG_9657 IMG_9668B IMG_9644A IMG_9655
    Topman Leather Jacket | Adidas Superstars | H&M Trousers  | Ray-Ban Sunglasses

    London Calling


    I’ve had the luck to be working in Europe for the last week now, and finally had the chance to have a little fun with some local co-workers and new friends. I’m currently in London, so I did the typical tourist thing and went to the Notting Hill areas and hit up the Portobello Market.

    I love anything with history and with an essence of bohemia, so, needless to say, I felt right at home. From the packed streets full of people looking through different vintage hubs, fantastic food at Acklam Village, music, and conversations about childhood memories the experience is one I definitely won’t forget.

    I’ll be in London for another two weeks so stay tuned for more photos of my happenings and fashion, of course. Here’s to London calling.